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 Obstacle course:

Agility is a sport that allows the evaluation of the dogs ability to be obiedent as well as the capability of the quide to control the dog. It can be compared to a Show Jumping competition – the agility course combines jumping over obstacles with crossing through a tunel, a swing, a bank, a plank...




A real sport discipline for the guide and his super akitas:

Very attractive for both the guide and his companion. Agility allows obiedience to be lead to perfection and develops understanding.
Agility is a discipline that -practised professionaly- requires a good phisycal condition and regular training from the pair dog/guide.





Maintaining control:

During the competition the time of the round is measured, but first of all the dogs athletism and the giudes control over the animal is taken into consideration. A dog that completes the course slower but without any mistakes will be higher in the classification than a dog that does it quicker but with mistakes. The most popular mistakes are: kocking down the rails, not respecting the obligatory contact areas ( the areas are painted red on the obstacles) and refusing (refusal or crossing the line of the obstacle).



Sport zarządzany przez oficjalną komisję:

Agility is entirely bounded by CNEA (National Educational and Agility Committee) which is a member of SCC - Société Centrale Canine (ZK).


In France akitas compete in „D” class (large dogs and of movement limitations) which is organised on obstacles the same as in mini


Very few akitas have a brevet (the lowest degree) agility, because it requires a lot of time, play and patience.


However a few compete regularly like Brigitte Flageul’s
P'KILALA de Mousashi Tenkoh,
who qualified for the Bretania team for the spring interregional competition (2 dogs from every region and category).

Obstacle course

(obstacle course on time, contains 15-20 obstacles):

EROS in a tyre

Kyomi on the plank

P'KILALA in the tunnel

P'KILALA during a jump


Many thanks to Maria Kuncewicz, who translated this text from french.