Because this site is devoted to akitas I have decided that I will not describe all my previous dogs in detail because I would have to create a few extra pages. I will write about them very shortly even though tons of photos and sadness remained after they left. Each one took a piece of my heart with them when crossing over the rainbow bridge.

I have had dogs since primary school, when my mother decided that I am responsible enough to have them. They then replaced hamsters (which were the next stadium after fish) because those were the only pets I was allowed to own earlier. Every day walks were a duty that  you could not leave for your mother to do. There was no mercy. Rain or shine you must go, even if you feel like sleeping a little longer or sitting in front of the TV on a Sunday...not a chance...the dog wants outside...

"-you wanted the dog so go with him!" However this did not discourage me, though like all kids I didn't like reponsibilities;-)

Argos was supposed to be an German Shepard. And he probably would be...(however without a pedigree because he was bought in the market from some drinker) and his ears were almost standing when he suddenly became sick with feline typhus. Visiting the vet during the night did not help. He was with us only a few months but the joyful muzzle with one floppy ear, peeking into the kitchen from around the corner will remain in my memory forever. This is the only dog I did not have a picture of, since we didn't posses a camera then:(

Sadness and an empty (although many siblings) house all year around. Later a small bitch with ears like a bat that I found in the elevator. She was so tiny that she couldn't get down a step. At first I thought it was a dog but my neighbour made me realize that I have a girl. She was a funny black and white dog which looked like a Karelian Bear Dog with paws like a daschund... lovable, very smart and faithful,  skirting around puddles with the grace of a ballerina so not to dirty her white stockings. Tetka

People advised that a bitch should have puppies at least once for her own good. Nonsense. Today when I hear this dumb comment I warn people that either you breed rather regularly or not at all. Unfortunately then I was not smart enough and I listened. Tetka had already finished 5 years then...but since dog people say so... she gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies... and after they left to their new homes, weakened by the birth she caught Distemper from the neighbours dog. The vet was surprised since this is supposed to be a puppy sickness. I noticed an alarmingly dry nose and we began the treatment very fast. She had painful shots after which I carried her home... we both suffered and there was no effect. Soon there were symptoms that the brain had been attacked and I had to make the saddest decision that a dog owner has to make. Today I regret only that I made it so late...I could have saved her some suffering... but I wanted to try everything to save her. It is always this way - we hope until the last minute that we will save our beloved. The return from the clinque with the empty bag in which I brought Tetka and another empty year. I had tears in my eyes whenever I saw a dog similair to her in the street. It was very bad luck to loose dogs this way...

About a year later at work my manager gave me a furry black ball with a white tie. She was the last puppy in the litter. Teba

In the picture beside the computer she lookes like a mascot not a real live dog. During the first month Teba went to work with me. She lay in the desk cupboard, behaved very well and went pee on the newspapers which we had a lot of. She was a beautiful long-haired black dog with a white tie and tail end, very lively with a stubborn character. Unfortunately I took her with me to Germany when she was 2 years old and she did not return from there. Then I decided that evidently I shouldn't have more dogs since all end up leaving in such an unpleasant way despite my greatest efforts.

For half a year I had a rook at home. Stasiu was tamed because I raised him from a chick, feeding him with a tiny spoon. When he was sitting on my arm he would hold himself delicately so not to scratch me and he gracefuly transfered from arm to Staśarm as on a merry-go-around. However if anyone else tried to take him he would stab his claws hard, sometimes making the person bleed and he pecked the intruder. He lived on my balcony  and each morning he knocked on the glass waking me up and demanding his food. I would give him a treat and go to the kitchen to prepare his meal. He waited patiently because he knew that breakfast would soon be ready since I was already up. I planed to let him out in the spring, he was big and would get along fine...Unfortunately I ended up in the hospital and my mother took care of Stasiu. He was fed according to instructions but he was looking weaker and weaker. Only on the way home from the hospital did my mother tell me that he was gone. That was when I decided that I will never have anymore animals. They leave such emptiness once they are gone...

The next summer arrived. In a national Park in Germany I met a lady with a huge white dog. He was gorgeous. I almost held the owner by the sleeve- so that she didn't go before I asked her about everything. The dog was an akita - not for show - he cost the lady two thousand marks! My face fell since I knew that I couldn't afford such a dog. Yet even though my dream seemed unreal I questioned the woman as much as my knowledge of german would allow me. The lady was friendly and I think used to the fact that many people admire her dog...And he was worth admiring:-))) It was then that I fell in love with white akitas from the first sight . This wonderful breed could not be found in Poland then.

A few years with no dog went by...and despite my decision not to have anymore pets, somewhere in my subconciousness lay the restless memory of the white bear. Then on one lovely day I read an advertisement in the paper that akitas were for sale. I called and it turned out that they were in my beloved colour. The price was out of space for my capability. However I borrowed money where possible and asked a friend to drive me there.  We saw two white dogs. Each was beautiful but mine was simply as if created just for innocent look and a muzzle like a teddy bear. I can remember till today the  terrified look on my mother's face when she opened the door.

"- and this is supposed to be the puppy you went for?!" Hmm, I must admit that he wasn't a litttle guy...:-))...well he was already 7 months old. I brought him home exactly on 24.05.1997 making myself a little late birthday present. Late but how wonderful:-)) A white akita called Lobo - or just Bear - with the pedigree name  BOSS Mon-Ost. I couldn't call my dog "boss"...

This picture is from Lobo's first year that's why his face has a puppy look ...but he was always a smiling dog...

Today I know that I was very lucky to buy this very dog. I could have ended up with an aggresive specimen from another kennel. Mentality is hereditary...Lobo had a wonderful temperament, he easily finished training and even qualified to rescue dog courses...unfortunately lack of time and car didn't allow me to follow that road.

Everyone loved him...even the older ladies in the neighbourhood who were afraid of him at the begining (because he is so big and stares in a weired way- as a Japaneese he has slanting eyes...) later they admired the smart and well behaved dog. The kids held out their hands and called Lobo..even those who had just began saying their first words.

At the shows he was probably the only male representitive of the breed which small kids could hugh without any worry...their parents took pictures:-) The Bear loved children and tolerated the dogs he knew and those that didn't try to fight him. However strangers were chased away from his territory and made aware that this "doggy meadow" was already occupied. Though if it was a girl then there wasn't a problem...he shared his meadow:-) However in the Park which was neutral territory, the Bear behaved calmly. All normal dogs were tolerated, even if they were totally strange.

I started showing him very late (I had to finish school first )and so he gained the Polish Champion title late too. He got one more CAC extra and we stoped going to shows, which he did not enjoy too much( and I just started studying because you have educate yourself as much as possible)...But so that he wouldn't be bored when I was at the University I imported company for him. Little, red Lika came from the Czech Republic and was a girlfriend for the white bear. We planned a litter from this pair.

Before Lika there was supposed to be a bitch from France- Daruma Niji-No-Kanata.

She was coming with my friend from Austria (where she was brought by a friend breeder) And she was lost on a parking near Prague in the Czech Republic. She wasn't found till this day despite a wide search. It cost me a lot of unslept nights and tears (not to mention the financial aspect of the search). The worst thing is the uncertanity what happened to her... All the time I hope she found a good, warm home.
Lika was bought as a small puppy (which I brought in a picnic basket) from a breeder that voluntarily and disinterestedly helped to search for the mising Daruma (and with her many other people whom once again I would like to thank). If it wasn't for Lika I don't know how I would survive the not ending and unsuccesfsul search for Daruma. And so the little pup that retrieved and bravely stood beside the big bear, barking at wiered sounds under the doors already after two weeks with us...was the only cure for the sadness. Just looking at her you couldn't be sad.  They had so much fun together:-)) Dignified Lobo would run like a little puppy with his tongue hanging or he'd pretend that the little red one (weighing less than half of him) had managed to pin him to the ground:-)

Akitas lived up to all my expectations. They have fabulous characters, are very level-headed, are super at guarding the house and they can do this in a very quiet way, they don't make a racket without need. When they bark then for sure you should check what's going on...and when you have them with you, you can go for a walk even in the middle of the night without fear:-) Lobo left us and we miss him so much. Even though other wonderful akitas appeared in my home, I know that  I will never have another dog like Lobo. There simply isn't another one like that because each akita is special and unique.

01.03.2004 the first litter in our kennel was born and at the same time it was the first and only litter in Poland sired by the gorgeous, imported from Japan dog- Interchampion, Champion of Holland and Poland DAICHI GO NIIGATA KURIYAMA and an imported from the Czech Republic bitch - Polish Champion HEVIA Czech Jakobin. Both these lovely dogs came to this country as adults.

 I imported a little girl from England blue-brindle Tycon EMI-GO. All our akitas were hip, elbow and eye tested and are free from genetic disorders. Currently we have the third generation of akitas with our kennel name: "Akita u Izis" FCI.

We have kept two puppies from our first litter (they are Polish Junior Champions), the rest have wonderful families which many children could only dream of.. We hope to keep regular contact with the owners of all our pupils. We aspire that our puppies find super warm homes with people who don't mind coming a long way (sometimes through the whole of Poland and often even from other countries) to pick up their new family member. Dogs bred by us also live in the United States, Puerto Rico, Great Britain, Denmark and Germany. That's because Akita is just an exceptional dog for exceptional people...this is not a dog for anyone. Yet someone who once fell in love with this wonderful breed will remain faithful to it forever. It is simple: "Once akita, always akita".