A sailor

Nora Zipangu Musashi Kou nasza suka hodowlana.

Akita on a BOAT

Taking an Akita on board is more of a challenge than a mountain trip with him. Before we decide, let's remember that we must first feel confident on board. The Akita must know and obey the "stay" command perfectly, as we must not lock it under deck or tie it up. If the boat capsizes, he will not get out or he will get tangled in the line - in both cases he will drown. Let's equip our Akita with a properly selected life jacket, which is available in most online stores (amounts from several dozen to three hundred zlotys) and let's get used to wearing it on dry land. When jumping into the water, the Akici kapok will allow it to stay on the surface for a longer time and will make it visible from a distance to us or other sailors. A well-chosen harness is useful for the Akita, as it makes it easier to lift it. Let's also remember about floating toys that will make this time more enjoyable for your pet. We should also not forget that water increases appetite... food for our farting-tested Akita, so as not to create a gas chamber under the deck. Be sure to pack brushes/combs and countless old sheets (to protect the berth from hair and sand) and towels (to constantly wipe the dog). Let's also trim the claws short, because unfortunately on the boat they are an obstacle, not a help. He will ride on them instead of "attaching to them". And what is extremely important, we must be sure whether our Akita can swim... It would be bad if she had to learn it while falling off the deck. Getting used to water should take place earlier. Paradoxically, a dog that is afraid of water usually requires less of our attention, because once it gets used to it, unlike Akitas that are crazy about it, it should not have stupid ideas of suddenly jumping off the deck into the water (unless they got it drunk and we don't moor it). quite quickly ;). Therefore, when planning a route, you should avoid too long sections, because the Akita will not be able to follow its needs... Before you decide to sail together, you should check how your Akita behaves on an unstable boat and whether the dog can still be called to you in stressful conditions. At the beginning, a trip by tram or bus may be a good training if the dog has only ever traveled by car. Already in public transport, until it lies down, the Akita learns to balance its body, and often when lying next to our seat, it will move right up to the legs of another passenger. He also learns not to leave the vehicle without command. Later, we can recommend a pedal boat or a kayak so that our Akita has time to get used to the moving surface of the boat. It will help you balance your body and will stop you from "getting out" in the middle of the lake or before you reach the shore. Some Akitas, just like people, can fall victim to seasickness. But let's not overdo it with giving vet drugs right away. Most of them will get used to it over time. And we certainly do not administer any medication as a preventive measure. It is a good idea for the dog to be on the deck and not under it - it will be easier to get used to the new conditions and it will be easier to clean up 😉 Let's also remember that the sun catches the sun stronger and faster on the water and don't forget to protect the pink noses of our white Akitas. They are more sensitive due to less pigment. If we have our own boat, we use what we have. If we charter, we can choose based on the convenience of getting the dog on and off - which will make our lives much easier. Getting on and off the deck will be much easier for our Akita - a boat with a cut off, unbuilt stern. There will be no need to jump over the side or lift it onto the deck. Because he can usually get off on his own, but getting back on may be a problem. And our children, especially the males, have a lot of weight. As a small woman, I have a problem getting my Akita on a long-distance train where there are several "leaky" steps, let alone a boat. Another important thing is to choose centerboard boats whenever possible, because they will take us straight to the shore. However, ballast boats often have to moor far from the shore and carrying the Akita onto them is not very comfortable if you want it to land dry. Let's also be prepared for the fact that in chartered boats there is an additional fee for a dog.
It should also be mentioned that standing water in lakes often causes unpleasant allergies in dogs as well as inflammation of the bladder or the Akita's sexual organs. Therefore, you should be vigilant and do not ignore the symptoms.

The photos show Akitas with the nickname "Akita u Izis FCI": DAICHI and DAITARO

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