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Akita-inu (inu - dog in Japanese) is a breed of hunting Japanese Spitz, originally intended for hunting the largest game - wild boar and bear, and for pulling heavy loads. Like all the others, it was created as a result of mixing dingoes with northern spitz dogs. These dogs came to Japan with subsequent settlers - starting around 15,000 BC to 300 BC

Akita as a rescuer

One of the days of training with our Akitas in the rescue dog brigade in Wesel

Sunday – 6:30 a.m. – the alarm clock rings. Growling, I turn to the other side. My husband came out of the bathroom ready.
“I'll let the dogs out to run now. Hurry up so we don't arrive late at Wesel.”
I glance carefully towards the window. The sun is shining and that makes getting up a little easier. 

Akita in harness

AKITY at the Association Championships (VNH) in February 1998:
The team made its debut there, consisting of two Akitas, took 3rd place

Today I want to present you a training program with our Akitas. Since we met owners of huskies and malamutes more or less regularly at training camps, we naturally did not want to be left behind with our Akitas.

Akita in Agility

A real sports discipline for the handler and his Super Akita:

Very attractive for the guide and his companion. Agility allows you to perfect obedience by developing understanding. Agility is a discipline - practiced as a sport - that requires the dog/handler pair to be in good physical condition and undergo regular training.

akita and children

The most recommended for children (especially small ones) is the non-exhibition variety of Akita - the so-called long-haired akita

By its nature, the Akita is not only a guard but also a family dog. He loves his family and defends them. He loves children very much, often showing this love too effusively ;-). Some Akitas can easily be compared to a "furry" version of an electronic babysitter, because they watch over a sleeping baby, and when the baby wakes up and, for example, cries, they try to notify the household that it's time to take care of the baby.

Akita the Sailor

what you need to know to swim safely with your dog

Taking an Akita on board is more of a challenge than a mountain trip with him. Before we decide, let's remember that we must first feel confident on board.
The Akita must know and obey the "stay" command perfectly, as we must not lock it under deck or tie it up.

akita and bicycle

Bicycle trips also with Akitas.

The Akita is perfectly suitable for cycling trips, provided that it has already reached the appropriate age and is free from dysplasia (it has been tested for this). Of course, we are talking about typical Japanese Akitas with a standard weight depending on gender.

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