Akita u Izis FCI

born September 24, 2023

Breeding female born on May 4, 2021.
  • free from dysplasia (hip and elbow): HD: A, ED: 0/0
  • free from genetic eye diseases: PRA/KAT neg.

NORA is imported - after her parents imported from Japan. He has Akiho and FCI pedigree. Her parents are Champions - free of dysplasia (both hip and elbow).

Dad: Izanagi Go Akogareno FCI

Polish Champion, Polish Junior Champion

  • free from dysplasia (hip): HD: A
  • free from genetic eye diseases: PRA/KAT neg.
  • AI N/N
szczeniaki miot D2 Akita u Izis FCI

female 3.5 months old


at 12 weeks

all puppies AI: N/N


10th day of life

Szczeniaki Miot D2 Akita u Izis FCI

litter "D2" at the age of 7 days

szczeniaki- miot D2 Akita u Izis

litter "D2" - First day

szczeniaki miot D2 Akita u Izis FCI

September 24, 2023 In our kennel, after a break of several years, another long-awaited litter "D" appeared (the second one with this letter in the history of our breeding). 3 females and 2 males were born. All puppies are red with white markings just like the parents of the litter. The loving mother is our imported dog "NORA". Nora does not carry the long hair gene, so all her babies will have standard hair length. Both parents of the litter are free from dysplasia and free from eye diseases. The father of the litter was the Polish Champion and Polish Junior Champion "HAKU".

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