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Since this page is devoted to Akitas, I decided not to describe my previous dogs in detail because I would have to create several additional pages. I will write about them very briefly, although there are tons of photos and sadness after their departure. Each of them took a piece of my heart with them when crossing the rainbow bridge.
I've had dogs since primary school, when my mother decided that I was responsible enough to have them. They then replaced hamsters (which, in turn, were the next stage after fish), because only such quadrupeds I had previously obtained my mother's consent. Daily walks… a responsibility that cannot be left to the mother. And there was no mercy. Rain is not rain, snow is not snow, I want to sleep longer in the morning or spend time in front of the TV on Sunday... Nothing of that…. the dog wants to go outside...
"- You wanted a dog, go with it!" However, it didn't discourage me, even though, like every kid, I didn't like responsibilities 😉

Nora Zipangu Musashi Kou nasza suka hodowlana.
kwiaty japoński ogród

The Path to the First Akita:

The Argos dog was supposed to be a German Shepherd. Well, he probably would have been... (although without a pedigree because he was bought on the proverbial market from a drunkard's coat) and his ears were almost standing when he suddenly fell ill with feline typhus. A trip to the vet overnight didn't help. He left. He was with us only a few months, but we will always remember his happy face with one ear flat, peeking into the kitchen from around the corner of the corridor. And only there are no photos of him left in the house. We didn't have a camera yet 🙁
Sadness and an empty house (despite numerous siblings) all year round. Then a little dog with bat ears that I found in the elevator. So tiny that she couldn't get down the stairs. At first I thought it was a dog, but my neighbor told me that I had just adopted a female dog. She was a funny black and white dog resembling a Karelian bear dog with dachshund paws... A lovely, very smart and faithful dog, avoiding puddles with the grace of a ballerina so as not to dirty her white socks. Tetka

People advised that if you have a dog, you need to cover it at least once for its health. Nonsense. When I hear this senseless comment today, I warn people that there is no point in covering it regularly or not at all. Then, unfortunately, I was foolish enough to listen, Tetka was already 5 years old - but if the dog owners say it's necessary... She gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies... and after raising them (when they went to new homes), weakened by the birth, she caught distemper from the dog neighbors. The vet was surprised because it was supposedly a puppy disease. I noticed a disturbingly dry nose and we started treatment very early. She received painful injections, after which I carried her home... we both suffered and to no avail. Soon, symptoms of a brain attack appeared and I had to make the saddest decision a person with a dog can make. Today I only regret that I decided to do it so late... I could have spared her suffering... but I wanted to try everything to save her. Because we always delude ourselves until the last moment that we will be able to save our pet. Returning from the hospital with an empty bag in which I carried Tetka and another empty year. Tears in my eyes when I saw a dog that looked even slightly like her on the street. It's a shame to lose dogs like that...

At work in less than a year, my manager gave me the last of the litter, a fluffy black ball with a white tie. Teba In the photo at the computer she looked like a mascot, not a real dog. Teba went to work with me for the first month. She was lying in the desk cupboard and peeing politely on the newspapers, which were plenty there... She was a beautiful long-haired black dog with a white tie and a tip of a tail, very lively and with a stubborn character. Unfortunately, I took her with me to Germany when she was two years old and she never came back. Then I decided that I probably shouldn't have a dog, since each one - despite my efforts - ends badly.

For half a year I had a rook at home - Staś. He was tame because I raised him from the time he was a chick, feeding him with a tiny spoon from his gaping beak. When he sat in my hand, he held himself gently so as not to scratch him, and he gracefully passed from hand to hand as if on a carousel. But when someone else tried to pick him up, Staś would dig his claws so hard that sometimes he would draw blood and peck the intruder. He lived on my balcony and every morning he knocked on the window, waking me up and demanding food. He would get a snack and I would go to the kitchen to make him food. He waited politely because he knew that "papu" would be there soon after I got up. I was supposed to release him in the spring, he was already big and would probably cope... Unfortunately, I ended up in the hospital, so my mother took care of Staś. He was given food exactly according to instructions, but he was wasting away before his eyes. My mother told me that he had passed away only on the way back home. Then I decided that no more animals. They leave such a void when they leave...

Boss Mon Ost (LOBO)

Another summer has come. In Germany, in a national park by a lake, I met a woman with a large white dog. He was gorgeous. I almost held the owner's sleeve so that she wouldn't leave before I asked about everything. The dog was a Japanese Akita and although it was not intended for exhibitions, it cost over two thousand marks! Then my face fell and I realized that I would never be able to afford such a dog. But despite the unreality of this dream, I asked the woman about everything as thoroughly as my knowledge of German allowed. The lady was nice and was probably used to people admiring her dog... And there was a lot to admire. :-))) It was then that I fell in love with white Akitas at first sight. At that time, this wonderful breed did not exist in Poland.
Several years passed without a dog... But despite my decision not to take any pets home anymore... the memory of the white teddy bear lingered uneasily somewhere in my subconscious. Until one fine day I read an advertisement in the newspaper that Akitas were for sale. I called and found out that it was my favorite color. The price was sky high considering my capabilities. But I borrowed money wherever I could, asked my friend to take me there in her car and off we went.
There were two white dogs. Each of them was beautiful, but mine was just made for me... an innocent face and a teddy bear face. In one word, a miracle. However, I still remember my mother's horror when she opened the door.
"-And this is supposed to be the puppy you went to get?!" Hmm, it must be admitted that he wasn't tiny... ;-)... Well, he was already 7 months old. I brought it home on May 24, 1997 as a slightly belated birthday present. Late but so wonderful :-))) The white Akita called Lob - or simply Teddy - according to the pedigree was called BOSS Mon-Ost. But I couldn't call the dog "Boss"...

The photo is from Lob's first year of life, that's why he has such a puppy-like expression on his face... but he was always smiling...
Today I know that I was very lucky to buy this particular dog. I could have found an aggressive specimen from another breeding farm. And the psyche is inherited from the parents... Lobo had a great psyche, he easily completed the training, he even qualified for training to become a rescue dog... but unfortunately, lack of time and a car did not allow us to continue on this trail. But everyone loved him anyway... even the older ladies in the neighborhood who were initially afraid of him (because he is so big and looks so strange - as befits a Japanese dog, he has slanted eyes...) later admired what a smart and well-behaved dog he was. And familiar kids held out their hands and called out Lobo... even those who had just recently started speaking. At the exhibitions, he was probably the only male representative of the breed to whom completely strange babies could hug without fear... whose parents were taking photos of them at the time. 😉 Teddy loved children and tolerated the dogs he knew that did not try to fight him. However, he ruthlessly chased strangers away from his area, making them feel that this "dog meadow" was already occupied. Well, if it was a female, it didn't matter... he shared his meadow :) The park is different, it's a neutral area and the teddy bear behaved much more calmly there. All normal dogs were tolerated, even if they were complete strangers to him.
I started showing him very late (because I first had to finish post-secondary extramural school), so he finished the Polish Championship very late. He got one more CWC and we didn't go to exhibitions anymore, which he didn't like much anyway (I just started part-time studies, because you still need to learn more...).

So that he wouldn't be bored while I was at the University, I brought him a little red-haired girl, Lika, from a breeding farm in the Czech Republic. A small sweet puppy (brought in a picnic basket), who, already in the second week of his stay at my place, was fetching and standing next to a large teddy bear, bravely barking at suspicious noises at the door. It was simply impossible to be sad when looking at them. They were playing so much :-))) The noble Lobo was chasing like a little puppy with his tongue hanging out, or pretending that the little red fox (over half his weight) had beaten him to the punch. 🙂 Akitas met all my expectations. They have great characters, they are very balanced, they take great care of the house, but they are also extremely quiet and do not shout unnecessarily. If they bark, you need to check what's going on... And having them with you, you can walk without fear, even in the middle of the night :) Unfortunately, Lobo left us very early. Even though more wonderful and beloved Akitas appeared in my home, I know that I will never have a dog like Lobo again. There is simply no other one like it, because each Akita is unique and unique.


March 1, 2004 the first litter was born in our breeding farm, and at the same time the first and only litter in Poland after a beautiful dog imported from Japan - Interchampion, Dutch Champion, Polish Champion DAICHI GO NIIGATA KURIYAMA (he left us at the age of almost 15) and a dog HEVIA imported from the Czech Republic Czech Jakobin (HEVIA won the title of Polish Champion, she raised her first litter in our breeding farm - she fell asleep at the age of almost 13). Both HEVIA and DAICHI were imported to the country as adult dogs. Daichi's very young daughter also came to Poland - NAKAYOSHI Czech Jakobin, who later won the title of Polish Junior Champion and Polish Champion. Then I imported a 3-month-old blue-brindle female, TYCON EMI-GO, from England, who is now well-deservedly retired. The last one to be imported from Spain in 2007 was Interchampion RYUU-GO SHUN'YOU KENSHA, who finished the Polish Championship and the Lithuanian Championship with me, and previously had the Spanish Championship and the Portuguese Champion. All my breeding Akitas have been tested for dysplasia and eye diseases and are free from them. I usually raise one litter a year, so you need to reserve puppies from my breeding farm well in advance.

All the puppies from my breeding farm were accepted as family members by wonderful people that many children would envy. I try to maintain constant contact with the owners of my pupils. I strive to ensure that all puppies from my breeding farm go to very warm homes and that their owners become exceptional people who will not be bothered by a long journey (sometimes throughout Poland and often even from another country) to find a new family member. Each Akita from my breeding has its place not only in my heart but also on my website, where you can admire its development from a sweet little puppy to a beautiful adult dog. In addition to the most remote corners of Poland, our children also live in the United States, Puerto Rico, Great Britain, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Latvia. Because the Akita is a unique dog for unique people... It is not a dog for everyone. But those who once fell in love with this wonderful breed will remain loyal to it forever. It's simple: "Once an Akita, always an Akita." I warn you, however, that Akitas are like peanuts... it starts with one 😉

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NAKAYOSHI Czech Jacobin

Polish Junior Champion, Polish Champion

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Nora Zipangu Musashi Kou nasza suka hodowlana.
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