akita in agility

Nora Zipangu Musashi Kou nasza suka hodowlana.

A real sports discipline for the handler and his Super Akita:

Obstacle course
Agility is a sport that allows you to assess the dog's ability to obey and the handler's ability to control the dog. Agility courses comparable to equestrian show jumping combine show jumping with passages through a tunnel, a swing, a palisade, a footbridge...
A real sports discipline for the handler and his Super Akita:
Very attractive for the guide and his companion. Agility allows you to perfect obedience by developing understanding. Agility is a discipline - practiced as a sport - that requires the dog/handler pair to be in good physical condition and undergo regular training.
Maintaining control:
During the competition, the time of the runs is measured, but what is primarily taken into account is the fitness of the dog and the handler's control over the dog. However, a dog that completes the track slowly but without errors will be better classified than a dog that completes it quickly but with errors. The most common errors include: pole drops, failure to respect imposed contact zones (zones painted red on obstacles) and refusals (refusing or crossing the obstacle line).
Sports governed by an official commission:
Agility is entirely subject to CNEA (National Commission for Education and Agility) which is subject to SCC - Société Centrale Canine (ZK). In France, Akitas compete in class 'D' (large dogs with limited mobility), which is held on the same obstacles as mini dogs. Very few Akitas have brevet (the lowest level) of agility because it requires a lot of time, play and patience. However, a few compete regularly, such as P'KILALA de Mousashi Tenkoh owned by Brigitte Flageul, who qualified for the Brittany team for the spring interregional competition (2 dogs from each region and category).


(timed obstacle course, containing 15-20 obstacles):

Eros in the tire

Kyomi on the footbridge

P'KILALA in the tunnel

P'KILALA in the jump

Thanks to Maria Kuncewicz, who translated the above text from French.


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